Emergency medical chip card – for traveling abroad

When you travel, you may be involved in an unexpected medical emergency due to an accident, illness or pre-existing illness.

What happens if you are unable to tell what disease you are suffering from, what you are allergic to, what medications you are taking, because you are limitated by faint or feeling sick or you don’t speak a foreign language?

In case of an accident or feeling sick, important information about your medical condition can assist with first aid.

If you have an “Emergency Medical Chip Card”, the smart card allows you to access your personal and medical information in case of emergency medical care.

This system highly contributes to a more effective and faster care in case of health emergency – which can be life-saving!

Emergency medical chip card service

Who do we recommend emergency chip card system service for?

Recommended for families on holiday abroad, business travellers abroad, amateur, professional athletes, winter sports enthusiasts, extreme sports enthusiasts, students studying abroad for longer or shorter periods, working abroad.

We recommend it to anyone with chronic illness!

We recommend it to everyone in case of health emergency, it can be severe nausea, accident, illness.

Your doctor will receive important information about your condition from the emergency chip card to help you make an early diagnosis, plan your therapy, and shorten your aftercare time.



We provide the service in the event of a medical emergency – primarily for staying abroad. Use the form to upload your health information. The data can be displayed abroad in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, depending on your country of residence. When you use the chip card, you will receive an SMS message from the 2 people you designated.


The service is only available to parents under the age of 16 with parental consent. You must register on the website and accept the privacy notice, minor registration statement and terms and conditions.


During registration, the data marked with an asterisk are required for the system to function.
A photo ID is an essential part of the registration as it will be placed on your emergency chip card and medical card. The image should preferably be colored with or without white background.


Registration is required to purchase the emergency service. The Wizard Assistant guides you through the purchase process in 5 steps. (Account Information – Billing Address – Shipping Address – Payment – Health Card).


After making a purchase, OTP SimplePay is used for payment by credit card. Due to the automated system, we are only able to accept the above credit card payment. Cash on delivery, bank transfer, other financial transactions are not possible.


It is recommended that you keep the emergency chip card along with your personal documents (ID card, driver’s license) as the visiting doctor or police will easily find it when you are identified. A smart phone and internet connection are required to read the smart card. To enter, you will need to enter the PIN that is found on the chip card.


From your health records, it is important that you fill in your chronic-treated illnesses and the medications you are taking (drug name, active ingredient, photo of the medicine box), drug allergies, or other allergies, blood type. Ask your GP or nurse for help with your medical records and medical history.


The chip card does not contain any personal health information! Includes your photo, name, unique ID, which consists of 128 characters, includes your PIN and chip card number. Health information requires a QR code reader or NFC connection and a PIN (read-only access). Health data uploads are only possible by providing the email address and password you provided at registration. Health data is safe (SHA-256 algorithm)!


The Call Center is available on +36 70 7017370 in Hungarian and English on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm. At your request, the Call Center will disable your chip card in case of loss. You can identify yourself by entering your name, email address, and phone number (all three required). After authentication, you can request that your chip card be disabled. The Call Center will provide the name and telephone number of the emergency contact without identification eg. in the event of a chip card breakdown or internet outage, after entering the PIN and ID on the chip card. The Call Center does not have access to health and other personal information.


You can access from your emergency chip card the name of your travel insurance company, S.O.S. phone number and bond details. Travel insurance is required when staying abroad!

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