Frequently asked Questions

What can I use for an emergency medical chip card?
The emergency chip card system provides assistance in case of medical emergency, providing you health information you have uploaded for the care.

How long does the required emergency medical chip card take to complete and where is it sent?
The emergency chip card will be mailed to your shipping address within 8 days of request.

What smartphones are compatible with the NFC chip on the card (NTAG®)?
Use this link CLICK HERE to check the compatibility of your phone.

What smartphone can read the QR code?
The QR code can be read by any smartphone, download a QR code reader application to your phone! (Google Play or Apple App Store)

In which countries can I use an emergency chip card?
In any country where you can use your smartphone and have internet service.

Can I use my emergency chip card immediately after receiving it?
The emergency chip card is made active for safe use. So you can use it immediately after receiving it.

How long is an Emergency Chip Card Valid?
The emergency chip card is valid until expired, and must be renewed annually.

What health information can be important in emergencies?
Emergency contact information, names and ingredients of medicines taken regulary, dose, allergy, vaccinations, ECG not less than 2-3 weeks, current illness, chronic illness, last lab results.

How long does it take to get my emergency chip card?
Unfortunately, in this case we can produce and ship the emergency chip card in 8 days.

How much health documentation can I upload to the site?
There is no limit to all uploads, but you can upload up to 6MB per image.

What happens if I lose or they steal a chip card?
Call the Call Center or send us an e-mail and your chip card will be disabled after authentication.

What should I do in one year if I want to continue using the service?
The service will automatically renew and you will be notified in advance by email.

How do I pay for the service?
You can only pay by credit card: OTP SimplePay.

What invoice do I get after my purchase?
An electronic invoice will be sent to your email address.

How many emergency SMS messages are included in the service?
A maximum of two emergency SMS messages are automatically sent to the emergency contact phone number when a chip card is read. We have not limited the number of SMS messages.

What happens if I show to someone how the chip card works?
When the chip card is read out, two emergency SMS messages are automatically sent to the emergency number.

What happens if I forget my login password?
In this case, you can request a new password in the login / registration menu.

Why is the password so long (8 characters) and complicated?
Only a strong password protect your health information.

In what language is health information displayed?
The health card is displayed in the language of the country (default setting language for the computer, smartphone operating system used: Hungarian, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian), if you are in a different language, English will be the default language when retrieving data.

What happens if I register but do not buy the emergency medical chip card?
The user has 14 days after registration to purchase the annual service or product in the webshop. If the registration is not followed by a purchase within 14 days, on the 15th day the user will be automatically deleted from the system.

Can I re-register with my email address after deletion?
Yes, you can re-register with your email address.

What is included in the annual service fee?
The annual fee includes the cost of manufacturing the medical chip card for the first year, as well as the service charge, the call center fee, and the SMS sending service fee.

How is the data read out with the chip card?
There are two ways to read; touching a NFC-enabled phone to a smart card or reading a QR code reader. In both cases, the device’s default web browser is automatically invoked and your personal page is displayed.

Is it difficult to fill in health records?
A health card will guide you through the process of entering data with accompanying texts.

What health information can I upload?
Any medical documentation, eg. upload an outpatient treatment report, hospital final report in JPG, BMP, PNG, PDF format up to 6Mb / image.

What health information should I upload before I leave?
Before travelling abroad, consult your GP / GP for information on your medical condition. We recommend that you should upload your last lab result and an ECG recording not older than 2-3 weeks.

Where can I read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
You can read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy at the CONTACT menu item on the left side of the map.